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Changes in mode of development of new industries to lead to better stabilize the economy of Haimen
Publisher:admin  Date:2009/10/31  点击:3196
    In the first half, Jiangsu Province Haimen the realization of regional GDP 19.5 billion to achieve above-scale industrial production value of 43.62 billion yuan to complete the total financial income of 2.426 billion yuan, of which 1.01 billion of local general budget revenue, an increase of more than the provincial average 3.1 percentage points. From January to July, Haimen 15.149 billion yuan of industrial taxable sales, of which 2.467 billion yuan to complete the month in July, an increase of hit a new high since 2009. This is the Haimen in the "security growth", "structural adjustment" process constantly break out of the transcript. 
    Cao Bin Haimen committee secretary, said: "Haimen of stabilizing the economy for the better thanks to constant pursuit of the development of Haimen change the way of direction to adjust and optimize the environment for development, and unswervingly follow the road of new industrialization."
    随Development of the coastal Jiangsu Province rose to the national strategic level, Jianghai linkage, park construction has become a synonym for Haimen by leaps and bounds. However, the focus on the development, intensive development, and centralized development must also have a rigid constraint. This year, Haimen once again raise the "threshold": In the environmental protection and energy conservation, security standards are met under the premise of the park to introduce investment projects to be 5000 million yuan; the use of river shoreline and its hinterland land area projects, the scale of investment required over 1 billion yuan, or 100 million U.S. dollars; settled in parks, town and township project investment per mu strength, to be respectively 1.60 million and 100 million yuan. 
    And strictly implement "一票否决制green", this year, Haimen rejected more than 20 do not meet the state's industrial policy projects, including investment of over 10 billion of major projects. Strictly to promote energy-saving emission reduction that had been assigned to the enterprise, Haimen through the promotion of the regional sewage treatment, implementation of the mentioned standard upgrade, with specific government initiatives such as financial incentives to control pollution emissions. At present, the city's more than 600 industrial enterprises in all the discharge standards, low-power, non-polluting enterprises account for the city's industrial enterprises in over 95%. This year 1 to 7 months of industrial enterprises above designated size Haimen comprehensive energy consumption growth rate lower than the output growth rate 11.7 percentage points. 
    Harsh, "over a sieve," not only has not diminished enthusiasm for investing in customers, but added the charm of foreign capital. In the first half of Haimen project exceeds ten million yuan in the construction of 441, with a total investment of 24.8 billion, of which a hundred million in 51 projects, a total investment of 13.99 billion yuan, 193 projects have completed and commissioned. At the same time, the park has led the 20 rural industrial clusters closely follow the pace of scientific development, along the road along the river to form the communications cable, electric tools, auto parts and other traditional advantages of industrial clustering development trend. Private use the town of Carbon plate, is more than the town of motor plate, the special days make up the town boards such as the rapid rise of blocks,
Become a feature of the private economy Haimen growth pole.
    Innovation and enterprise as the core elongated chain is Haimen to upgrade the industry an important way. In the cargo Longzhen Zhongxing Industrial Park in order to "ZTE precision machinery" as the core, has attracted a record high-voltage electrical yuan, St. 100 million machinery, Boche electrician, Cheng Han breaker supporting other seven foreign-funded enterprises settled in, led in 2008 Park Taxable sales of more than 400 million yuan. Not long ago, there are precision machinery, and copper castings, intelligent cabinet circuit breakers and high voltage electrical control panel three projects signed settled. In April of this year, ZTE record yuan replenishment of 15 million U.S. dollars, the new ultra-high pressure on the 550KV and above, an insulator switching equipment production projects, the project put into operation,
Annual taxable sales of 500 million yuan can be added. Pundits predicted that, here at home and abroad is expected to become first-class mechanical and electrical business section.
    Scientific and technological innovation for industrial enterprises in Haimen fly against the wind. Dongzhou 3G communications, communications equipment, seize the opportunity and spare no effort to develop new products, 1 to 7 months of achieving the taxable sales of 108.2059 million yuan, an increase of 196.92%; on the structure of extension adjustment steel ship plate market, the first 7 months on the taxable sales 774 million yuan, an increase of 443.41%. 1-7 month, Haimen city invested 3.367 billion yuan to complete high-tech industries, an increase of 20.3%, accounting for above-scale industrial inputs 34.9%; the completion of high-tech industrial output value of 17.32 billion yuan, accounting for above-scale industrial output value of 33.4% over last year Over the same period increased 2.6 percentage points. The city's 150 key enterprises in
Storage of more than 2 million yuan tax super-80.
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