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Cixi Wind contract has been signed Carbon Trading 2012
Publisher:admin  Date:2009/5/25  点击:2914
    Invest in new energy projects, not only environmentally friendly, but also generate income through carbon trading. Zhejiang Province, the first large-scale wind power project - Cixi Wind Power as a new energy "green benefit" of beneficiaries. As of yesterday, the wind farm has accumulated 70 million kwh electricity generation, carbon trading income of about 4.45 million yuan.
    It is reported that carbon trading is a mechanism to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions, the industrialized countries to developing countries would then be able to pay for reducing the latter's carbon dioxide emissions, emission reduction credits balance account on the payment side. And countries is based on emission credits "Kyoto Protocol", after negotiated. In the six kinds are required to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases because carbon dioxide is the largest, so this transaction is known as carbon trading.
    Cixi is located in the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, the wind resource-rich, wind conditions are unique. December 30, 2007, Cixi of the first two wind farms wind turbines for power generation. With the October 16, 2008 the first phase a total of 33 sets single-machine capacity of 1500 kilowatts wind turbines fully completed and put into operation, Cixi Wind Farm application for an international carbon trading also received the National Development and Reform Commission and the International UNEP approval, formal Carbon Stock Exchange in the UK。
    According to estimates, Cixi Wind Farm 1 Wind power project generating 110 million kwh a full year. With the same coal-fired thermal power generating capacity ratios, annual savings of 31.8 thousand tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 9 million tons, saving 270,000 cubic meters of fresh water.
    "Carbon trading volume to the actual unit of electricity generated, based on a monthly basis." Substation main control room in the power generation market, Cixi Yangtze River Wind Power Company Vice President Zhang Miao told reporters pointing to the computer screen, "At present, all the wind generators to run well, Carbon trading income this year is expected to reach 700 million. "It is reported that carbon trading Cixi wind power contract has been signed to 2012.
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